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iOS 7 Beta 7 May Release On Date August 19,Monday Evening


A report from BGR that iOS 7 Beta 7 releasing today, Monday August 19, 2013:

 Originally Posted by BGR

We are told by our trusted sources that Apple has once again seeded a new build of iOS 7 to partners, and that it should be released to developers later today. We can confirm the build number is much higher than the previous beta, and we would assume that iOS 7 beta 7 should be distributed and made available for developers around 1:00 p.m. EDT, as usual. Read more…

‘AutoOK’ Text-based Password Automatic Unlocker For iPhone


Have you ever noticed,  when you enter your numeric password on the lock screen of your iPhone, it unlocks automatically without tapping on “ok” or “Enter” button like other Phones. Apple doesn’t allow us to unlock automatically in case of Alphabetic passcode. Read more…

iPhone 5S Leaked Part Point Towards Redesigned Home Button For Fingerprint Scanner


A new leaked part claimed to be rear panel of iPhone 5S with few changes from iPhone 5 rear panel. As we have posted “iPhone 5S To Feature Fingerprint Scanner In Home Button” in our previous articles. It seems true. According to this image there are changes in home button that could potentially accommodate the rumored embedded fingerprint sensor. In this current leaked image, the iPhone 5S  home button area is apparently changed from iPhone 5 home button area by side by side view. In particular, the metal spacer cushion that supports the home button features a new look. Read more…

Reminisce A More Convenient Recently Used App Launcher For iOS Devices


Reminisce is a upcoming cydia tweak, which allows you to open recently used apps more quickly just by swiping finger anywhere in the screen to call the app launcher on iPhone. Though, if you use this tweak, you don’t need to double click the home button for recently used apps appear. Read more…

AquaTop Turns Your Bathtub Into Interactive Touch Screen Device


Researchers at Tokiyo’s University of Electro Communication turns the bathtub into a touch screen interacting display by using Kinect sensors and projectors, named as AquaTop. Read more…

Augmented-Reality iPhone Music App Häagen-Dazs Concerto Timer

Image: Apple

Häagen-Dazs is an ice cream brand, established by Reuben and Rose Mattus in the Bronx, New York, in 1961. The ice cream has lunched an augmented-reality iPhone music app. Just open the app and point your camera at the lid of any Häagen-Dazs carton, and you will instantly experience a “virtual violin concerto” perfectly timed to allow your Häagen-Dazs ice cream to soften to the perfect consistency for a taste that’s truly made like no other. Read more…

How To Fix iPhone Broken Home Button


Does your iPhone Home Button not working properly ? Is it slow to respond or isn’t it responding? Now we have solution for it.

If your Home button slow to respond, you need to recalibrate it. To do so follow following steps. Read more…

iPhone 5S To Feature Fingerprint Scanner In Home Button


After we have discussed in our previous post about Finger print home button could be attached to the iPhone 5S. Today folks at MacRumors saying that Apple will unveil it next generation iPhone “iPhone 5S’ at September 10th and iPhone 5S will feature a  Sapphire-Covered Convex Home Button With Fingerprint Sensor, because a concave couldn’t give enough space for finger print scanner and finger print scanner also need protection from outer source, which is also protected by Sapphire. Read more…

Smart Recycling Bins Tracking You For Targeted Advertising Via Wi-Fi

Smart Recycling bin

Are you wondering if something tracking you every time you passes through a particular place. Yes they are tracking you. They are advertisement. Advertising  moving beyond the Internet connected device around the world. The new generation advertising technology known as “Smart Recycling Bins”, which detect your smart phone WiFi’s signal and could soon be used to serve ads to specific individuals. Read more…

Computer That Thinks And Behave Like A Human Developing By IBM

Image: Mashable

According to Mashable, IBM developing a Computer ecosystem that thinks like a human and also support Cognitive Computing. That means, older generation Computers works like a calculator as much as you give data as input that much output it will produce but here these Computers have ability to produce result of a perception, sensation and intuition as we human does. Read more…